Environmental Lovers 

Interested in contributing to a TBS garden? Help make our Temple beautiful by planting, organizing, and helping maintain a flower bed and garden on site. Meet fellow congregants who enjoy gardening and the outdoors.

LGBTQ Celebration Group

A safe space for the LGBTQ and Ally community to get to know each other and share similar experiences or gain support.

Crazy For Board Games

Who doesn't love a game night! Join other TBS adults for a fun-filled night of board games!

Help! I Have A Teenager!

Do you sometimes lie awake at night wondering if you are the best parent you can be for your teenager?

Help I Have A Teenager is an open space for parents to share and express the ups & downs that come with raising a teenager. 

20s-30s Happy Hour

Are you 21-39 and looking to mingle with other Jews your age outside of TBS? Come hang with the 20s/30s Happy Hour affinity group and meet other young Jews in the congregation while participating in fun events.

Babies & Bagels

Calling all parents and your little ones! Enjoy exciting programming for your baby while you enjoy delicious food! Meet other congregants who have embraced the rewarding challenge of parenting a baby. Make connections with people like you while engaging your baby in fun activities and music.

TBS Bakers

Bakers! Learn/share recipes with other congregants while making delicious snacks for the Shabbat oneg. Give back to your community while trying and learning new recipes and techniques. 

Knitting Circle

Knitting Circle is an affinity group that will participate in Tikun Olam, or mending the world projects. Come learn to knit, create hats and blankets, and deliver them personally to those in need.

This group will work mostly outside of TBS and will take various field trips to Columbus hospitals to deliver our donations. Knitting Circle participants can teach patients how to knit while providing the means for them to begin projects on their own.

Jewish Women In Business

Once a month meeting with female congregants who are navigating the business world can share their experiences as women in business. Sessions could involve discussion based questions and how to navigate the business world as a woman.

Two-Wheeled TBSers

Calling all riders! If you enjoy biking or cycling, then this is the affinity group for you! We may turn this into two groups: local riding and long-distance. 

Find your people at TBS! In the Fall of 2018 Temple Beth Shalom launched a new initiative to help engage members of our congregation with one another, helping people to find a cohort of friends and “in-town family.” There are over 30 different groups for members to enjoy, from the programmatic, like TBS Around Town where we will visit different destinations around Columbus, to special affinity groups such as Newly Empty Nesters, Parents of Teenagers, TBSers who love to cycle, and many more!

You can sign up to join one of the groups below, or send a message to Engagement Coordinator Hannah Rossio to start a new group. Questions? Contact Hannah or call 614-855-4882.

Israel Club

Join others who are interested in discussing Israeli culture. People on both sides of the political spectrum are welcome! 

Creative Writers' Guild

Do you enjoy thinking outside of the box and using your imagination? Looking for a creative outlet or a place to share ideas/projects? Creative Writers' Guild is the affinity group for you!

Come participate in imaginative writing exercises, idea sharing, and network with other creative minds in the congregation.

Wine & Paint

Ever thought about painting but assumed you don't have the skills to do it? Come enjoy this step by step paint session while enjoying wine (21+ to drink) as well as great company. Bring the family and take home all unique versions of the same picture. There will be more than just Manischewitz, we promise. 

Daytime Mahj

This already existing group meets Wednesday's 1-3pm. If you have free time during the day, this is a great way to engage with other congregants and stimulate your brain!


Gather together at some of the newest and most interesting restaurants in Columbus! 

Walking Groups

Parents who have children enrolled in Sunday School can meet during the Sunday school time to exercise or do an activity and then enjoy brunch at TBS before picking up their kids.

Affinity Groups

Lost Loved Ones Support Group

If you are mourning the death of a loved one and are looking for a safe place to grieve, get relevant recommended readings, or anything else you feel that you need; find comfort in knowing that you have a strong community at TBS to support you during these difficult times. 

Poker Club

This group will join in the monthly poker nights hosted by the TBS Men's Club.

Navigating Married Life

Begin to explore your identity as a Jewish couple. Join to share experiences and meet other Jewish newlyweds in our Congregation! Looking for solutions on how to solve the blanket crisis that happens every night? Have another problem that you don't know how to work out? Come talk it out with other newlyweds like yourselves. This group is not a substitute for marriage counseling, but an open space to chat and mingle with other couples in the early years of marriage.


5089 Johnstown Rd New Albany OH 43054 US

Family Game Night 

Meet up with other TBS families for a family-friendly game night! Board games and fun will abound!

Music Lovers Unite!

Stay updated on musical events happening in Columbus and attend and enjoy anything from live bar music to Picnic at the Pops.

TBS Buckeye Nation

TBS Buckeyes UNITE!! Come tailgate with us and scream for your team with other Buckeye fans in our congregation and community! O-H......

 Mahj After Dark

In addition to our weekday mahj group, TBS is excited to introduce Mahjong After Dark! This weekday evening group will regularly meet to play the beloved game of Mahjong. If you've never played, come to learn! Most likely on Tuesdays, as the building is already open late!

Learn Yiddish Club

A group for adults interested in learning Yiddish.

TBS Around Town

Get on a bus and go somewhere fun with us! Once a month we are gathering to go on a field trip to a fun place! (ex. Franklin Park Conservatory, Art Museum, State House, etc.)        

L'dor V'dor

A group to engage young children with seniors at Heritage House. Our first project could involve making a quilt for each group and hang them at both locations.

Friends of 4-Legged Friends

Monthly or more get together at a local dog park like Rocky Fork. Rabbi could come and do a bark mitzvah!

Sharyonim Choir

Temple Beth Shalom is proud to have an adult choir which sings during High Holy Day services, for the popular Veterans Shabbat in November, and during various other Erev Shabbat services throughout the year. The Sharyonim also hosts at least one additional guest choir for a special performance in the Spring.

Sunday Golf Gurus

Join other TBS members for Sunday golf games around town! All skill levels are welcome!

Chronic Illness Support Group

Are you struggling with a chronic illness? Do you have a child with a chronic illness? Find support within the community by joining the Chronic Illness Support Group.

Share experiences, information, and resources with congregants who share similar experiences. Learn what Judaism says about managing chronic illness and engage in meaningful discussions.

Recently Retired... And Loving It!

If you have recently retired and are working to navigate life as a retired professional, come seek support and advice from other retirees like yourself. 

Newly Emptied Nests

An affinity group for parents whose children have all moved out. Meet and share with parents in a similar situation.