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Annual Appeal 5782

L’Shanah Tovah TBS Family!

It’s been a doozy of a year and a half! January 2020 to today has been unlike any other period in our lifetimes. It has called on us to be courageous, resilient, and faithful as we charted an unknown course through the COVID-infected wilderness. Together, we developed new ways of worship, learning, and being in community while the pandemic kept us physically apart. Many times, our lives may have felt surreal– somewhere between the darkest night and glowing sunrise. Fortunately, as Jews, we are resilient and adept at pressing forward and getting to better, even as the path became more complicated and unpredictable.

It is still too early to predict how this long chapter in our Books of Life will shape the chapters yet to come. But we can draw inspiration from the tremendous work that Rabbi Benjy, Rabbi Lenette, our dedicated staff, and lay leadership have done to tackle these challenges with innovation, dedication, and a dose of good humor, turning the potential of what we could do into reality. We’ve seen that there is light when we gather together virtually and in-person on the High Holidays. In our hybrid High Holiday mode, we brought together our individual lights during beautiful, communal worship experiences -- defying the pandemic that tries to keep us apart. Because of our combined efforts, we continue to remain a vibrant congregation that is joyful, personal, and accessible to all of you.

However, the ability to nurture our individual and communal lights at TBS does not only come from effort, words, and vision. Like all of us, TBS needs to pay its bills and the salaries of those who serve our congregation. TBS needs the financial resources to continue the programming that we are thirsty for and to sustain the strong religious school program we have built.

We’ve endured 18 months (or so) of the pandemic. Perhaps the best-known numerical value in Judaism is 18, which is synonymous with the word chai, meaning life. Monetary gifts are often given in multiples of chai (18). So as you consider the TBS Annual Appeal this year, consider a gift to TBS of $18, $36, $54, $114, or more to honor our congregational life and your commitment to sustaining it.

In the New Year of 5782, may we, as individuals, families, and a congregational family, continue to grow from strength to strength.

Mindy Agin and Michael Griffaton, Co-Presidents