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​​​Temple Beth Shalom is a proud member of the Union for Reform Judaism and the Columbus Jewish Federation.

We look forward to welcoming
YOU to our Temple family!

​​​Joining Temple Beth Shalom

You can download a copy of our Partnership Commitment (see link below), or stop by the Temple Office and pick up a Partnership Packet if you’re interested.

Click here to download the Partnership Commitment.

​​Contact TBS Executive Director Bobby Covitz in the Temple Beth Shalom office at (614) 855-4882, if you have any questions about partnership.

Become A Partner

Since 1977, TBS has been a source of light and positivity in the lives of so many people. For this reason, we have done away with the typical language of “member” and “membership application.” Those words are transactional and imply that an individual/family’s request to become a part of the TBS community could be denied. A TBS membership will now be called a “partnership,” and members will be called “partners.” By using this language, we are proudly stating that we are all partners in supporting our Temple and that each of us has a stake in maintaining our kehillah kedosha (holy community). TBS relies on the support and energy of all of its partners to thrive and grow.

 Temple Beth Shalom's partnership extends to all households who wish to express themselves Jewishly. Partnership with Temple Beth Shalom: ​

  • Reflects one’s support of an open, accepting, and creative Jewish experience with a community eager to grow spiritually and promote education in the learning, lore, and lifecycles of Judaism.
  • Provides for learners of all ages opportunities for religious instruction, insight, and inspiration, both formal and informal, utilizing newsletters, email, and our website to stress a learning-enriched atmosphere.
  • Enables individuals to rediscover the experiences of their religious forebears and open new ways to develop their own paths to spiritual fulfillment.
  • Enables individuals to increase the social and religious vitality of the Greater Columbus Jewish Community; become partners with socially responsible agencies; and support regional, national, and international institutions of the world Jewish Community.