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What is Scrip?

Scrip is Fundraising While You Shop®. This amazingly successful fundraising program works for Temple Beth Shalom by turning everyday shopping into cash for TBS when families use retail gift cards to pay for everyday purchases (like gas and groceries) instead of the usual credit/debit card or other money. 

How does it work?
  (Good news: It’s really simple!)
The Basics of a Scrip Program
TBS members buy retail gift cards through our Scrip program at face value, choosing from nearly 400 national retail stores where they already shop. TBS
buys the gift cards at 1-13% less than face value (varies by retailer). The difference between face value and what TBS organization pays = the Temple’s earnings. It's fundraising made easy!
Here’s an example:
Mrs. Finkelbaum needs some gardening supplies, so she buys a $100 The Home Depot® gift card for $100 through Temple. Cha-ching! She just earned $4 for TBS because The Home Depot gift cards are available from Scrip at 4% less than face value. When Mrs. Finklebaum checks out at The Home Depot, she pays with her gift card instead of using a credit or debit card!  She will do the same thing when she needs cleaning supplies at Target®, and earn $2.50 just by using a $100 Target GiftCard to pay for her purchases.

Top Five Family Benefits

  1. Plan ahead to buy groceries, gas and other household expenses with gift cards from Scrip.
  2. Shop in-store or online with participating retailers.
  3. Use gift cards to pay at checkout, just like you would use a credit/debit card, but without the fraud risk.
  4. Scrip program earnings are much greater than credit card rewards.
  5. No unnecessary spending, and your family can spend your planned household budget at stores you already frequent.