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Temple Environmental Guidance Statement

We strive to follow the Talmudic law of bal tashchit (do not waste or destroy) as our sacred duty to be stewards of the environment. We strive to live in harmony with the environment as individuals, as a community, and to reduce the environmental impact of our Temple building.  

  • We will maintain a community that is respectful of all our members, centered by a caring and friendly focus, and consistent in our inclusion of ALL people.
  • We will continually maintain an environment to inculcate the love of God and provide the means for the celebration of the covenant between God and the Jewish people, as originally revealed in the Torah and as it has evolved throughout history.
  • We will inspire individuals, families and our community to live moral and ethically based lives grounded in Jewish values in our relationship to God, as well as our relationships to each other and the world about us.
  • We will maintain high quality programs to include, among others, religious services, life cycle events, religious school, adult education and social and cultural activities.
  • We will maintain an institution that attends to our members' overall welfare by being attentive to the needs of all our members, effectively governed and financially sound and fiscally responsible.