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On the third Friday of each month, Temple Beth Shalom celebrates “Shabbat Chai,” a musical service featuring Shabband, a changeable group of Jewish musicians who enjoy leading Erev Shabbat services together. For information about participating with Shabband, contact Rabbi Benjy Bar-Lev at rabbibenjy@tbsohio.org, or call the Temple office at (614) 855-4882.

Each Spring, Gail Rose, Debbie Costa, and Pam Scheer are joined by a cast of 30 crazy characters for the Annual Purimspiel to retell the Biblical story of Queen Esther and how she saved her people. Each year features a different theme for the Purimspiel. Past themes include Disney, Broadway, Groovy 70s, and Sock-Hop 50s, to name a few. “Auditions” are held at the first rehearsal and everyone gets a part. For more information, or to be included in upcoming notices, contact Gail Rose at 
grose@tbsohio.org or call the Temple office at (614) 855-4882.

​Music at Temple Beth Shalom

At Temple Beth Shalom we enrich our services and celebrations with music. Our Music Director, Gail Rose, is a long-time music educator and has been the Cantorial Soloist for TBS since 2008. Gail, along with an accompanist, provides the Cantorial music for Shabbat, High Holy Days, and Lifecycle events. She is accompanied by a variety of musicians – Nick Ciranni on guitar or string bass, Marc Rossio on guitar, Scot Ashton or Merry Pruitt on piano, and Cheri Papier on flute, as well as vocalist Connie Hirsh. During Erev Yom Kippur, cellist and TBS member Leon Friedberg is invited to play Kol Nidre. Temple Beth Shalom is also proud to host a number of musical groups and events, including the Sharyonim Choir, Shabband, and the Annual Purimspiel.

Temple Beth Shalom is proud to have an adult choir, Sharyonim, which sings during High Holy Day services, for the popular Veterans Shabbat in November, and during various other Erev Shabbat services throughout the year. The Sharyonim also hosts at least one additional guest choir for a special performance in the Spring. If interested in participating with Sharyonim, send a note to Gail Rose at grose@tbsohio.org or call the Temple office at (614) 855-4882.

Social Consciousness

Our tradition views “acts of loving kindness” as personal and communal religious activities. Adults, young adults, and children share in these “tikkun olam” activities.

Our youth groups engage in social action activities both within the city and in cooperation with their regional affiliates. Students for Bar and Bat Mitzvah have a “mitzvah” project requirement. Even our religious school gets into social action, dedicating each month to a different Jewish social value and associated charity. 

Click here for more information about our social action groups and activities!

​One of the tikkun olam projects in which Temple Beth Shalom members participate is Columbus's Pride Parade and Festival, which takes place typically the third weekend in June. Celebrating diversity isn't just about passive openness to different points of view. It's about marching in solidarity to improve funding for AIDS research, end discriminatory practices, and raise awareness for other equality and social justice issues.

Click here for more information about what we're doing for Pride this year!

Supporting Israel

Throughout the history of the State of Israel, American Jews have been key players in Middle East developments because of a combination of principle and pragmatism. For Jewish leadership, the key lies in actively pursuing grass roots support for Israel.

​All organizations are going back to basics, getting their supporters in communities around the country to write letters, to meet with Congressmen, to communicate with the Administration on very specific matters.

Interest Groups & Affiliates

Temple Beth Shalom promotes interest groups by providing activities for a number of different affiliates:

The Women of Beth Shalom            provides the women in our congregation programming to connect them with women’s roles in Judaism and social, cultural and religious issues. They also play a central role in fund-raising and membership development.

Temple Beth Shalom Men’s Club, in addition to sponsoring social activities, supports temple programming in a number of different areas including youth programs and the facility.

Our Youth Groups for various ages arrange meaningful and fun activities outside the classroom and coordinate with other youth groups in the city and throughout the Midwest.

​​A number of special interest groups and committees also operate year-round.

                                  SPECIAL INTERESTS & GROUPS